Nexgrill 720-0718N Gas Grill User Manual

A strong gas smell, or the hissing sound of gas
indicates a serious problem with your gas grill or
the LP gas tank. Failure to immediately follow the
steps listed below could result in a fire or
explosion that could cause serious bodily injury,
death, or property damage.
• Shut off gas supply to the gas grill.
• Turn the control knobs to OFF position.
• Put out any flame with a proper fire extinguisher.
• Open Grill Lid.
• Get away from the LP gas tank.
• Do not try to fix the problem yourself.
• If odor continues or you have a fire you can not
extinguish, call your fire department. Do not call
near the LP gas tank because your telephone is
a form of electrical device and could create a
spark resulting in fire and/or explosion.
CAUTION: Spiders and small insects occasionally
spin webs or make nests in the grill burner tubes
during transit and warehousing. These webs can lead
to gas flow obstruction which could result in a fire in
and around burner tubes. This type of fire is known as
“FLASH-BACK” and can cause serious damage to
your grill and create an unsafe operating condition for
the user.
Although an obstructed burner tube is not the only
cause of “FLASH-BACK”, it is the most common
To reduce the chance of “FLASH-BACK”, you must
clean the burner tubes before assembling your grill,
and at least once a month in late summer or early fall
when spiders are most active. Also perform this
burner tube cleaning procedure if your grill has not
been used for an extended period of time.
See Cleaning Burner Tubes and Ports on page # 18.
NOTE: The normal flow of gas through the regulator
and hose assembly can create a humming noise. A
low volume of noise is perfectly normal and will not
interfere with operation of the grill. If humming noise
is loud and excessive you may need to purge air from
the gas line or reset the regulator excess gas flow
device. This purging procedure should be done every
time a new LP gas tank is connected to your grill. For
help with this procedure refer to page 17, Item 4 of “If
Grill Still Fails To Light”, or call the Grill Information
Center at 1-800-913-8999.
Visually check the burner flames prior to each use. The
flames should look like picture, if they do not, refer to the
cleaning burner tubes and ports, see page 18 of this
CAUTION: Beware of Flash-Back
Burner Flame Check