Nexgrill 720-0718N Gas Grill User Manual

3. Be sure all gas connections are securely
4. Open the Gas Grill Lid.
5. Push and turn any main burner knob to HI
position. Push Electronic ignition button for 3
to 5 seconds to light burner. Adjust knob to
desired setting.
6. If the burner does not light after 5 seconds,
turn knob to OFF. Turn gas OFF at LP tank
and wait 5 minutes for gas to clear. Then
turn gas ON at tank and repeat step 5.
7. If burner still does not light, see Match
Lighting section and If Grill Still Fails to Light
section on following page.
8. To light additional burners, turn burner
knob(s) to HI. Push electronic ignition
button for 3 to 5 seconds to light burner.
Adjust knob(s) to desired setting.
1. Make a 50/50 (soap/water) mild soap solution.
2. Turn the control knobs to full OFF position; then
turn gas ON at supply tank.
3. Apply the soap solution with a clean brush to all
gas connections. See below. If growing bubbles
appear in the solution the connections are not
properly sealed. Check each fitting and tighten or
repair as necessary.
4. If you have a gas connection leak you cannot
repair, turn gas OFF at supply tank, disconnect
fuel line from your grill and call 1-800-913-8999 or
your gas supplier for repair assistance.
5. Also apply soapy solution to the tank seams. See
below. If growing bubbles appear, shut tank OFF
and do not use or move it! Contact an LP gas
supplier or your fire department for assistance.
Grill Lighting Instructions for Main Burners
1. Do not smoke while lighting grill or checking gas
supply connections.
2. Be sure that LP gas tank is sufficiently full.
Failure to open grill lid during the lighting
procedure could result in a fire or explosion
that could cause serious bodily injury, death,
or property damage.
Gas Connection Leak Check
Gas Tank Leak Check
Checking for LP gas leaks
Never test for leaks with a flame. Prior to first use, at
the beginning of each season, or every time your LP
gas tank is changed, you must check for gas leaks.
Grill Lighting Instruction