Nexgrill 720-0718N Gas Grill User Manual

15. Electronic Ignition Battery Installation
Unscrew the electronic ignition button and place the
Battery (ZE) into the housing with the positive terminal
(+) facing outward. Replace the ignition button after
the battery has been installed as shown in Fig. 23.
16. Install the Grease Tray & Charcoal Ash Tray
Install the Grease Tray (ZF) from the rear of the grill
by sliding it all the way onto the glides underneath Gas
firebox. Insert Grease Cup (ZF) into Grease Tray. See
Fig. 24.
Note: Grease Tray Funnel must be toward the center
of the grill.
Install the Ash Tray (ZG) by sliding it all the way onto
the glides underneath the Charcoal firebox. See Fig.
17. Installing Cooking Components
IMPORTANT: Before cooking on your grill the first
time, wash cooking grids and cooking rack with warm ,
soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Season with
cooking oil regularly. After cooking is completed, turn
grill to HIGH setting for 3 to 5 minutes to burn off
excess grease or food residue.
a). Install Heat Diffusers (ZH) above burners so that
holes in diffuser corners attach securely onto pegs in
the back ledge of firebox. See Fig. 25.
b). Evenly space Cooking Grids (ZK) over Diffusers on
gas side of Grill. Insert Charcoal Cooking grid (ZI)
above charcoal tray on Charcoal side of Grill. See Fig.
c). Insert Charcoal Warming Rack (ZJ) and Gas Grill
Warming Rack (ZL) into rack glides on top of side
panels of each firebox. See Fig. 25.
Fig. 23
Fig. 24
Fig. 25