Nexgrill 720-0718N Gas Grill User Manual

Never lean over the grill cooking area while
lighting your gas grill. Keep your face and body
a safe distance (at least 18 inches) from the
cooking grid surface when lighting your grill by
If Grill Still Fails To Light
1. Check gas supply and connections for leaks. Check
that all wire connections are secure.
2. Repeat basic lighting procedure. If your grill still fails
to operate, turn the gas off at source, turn the control
knobs to OFF, then check the following:
• Misalignment of burner tubes over orifices
Correction: Reposition burner tubes over orifices.
• Plugged orifice
3. If an obstruction is suspected in grill burner gas
valves, please call for repair service at 1-800-913-8999 .
4. If the grill still does not light you may need to purge air
from the gas line or reset the regulator excess gas flow
device. Note: This procedure should be done every time
a new LP gas tank is connected to your grill.
To purge air from your gas line and/or reset the
regulator excess gas flow device:
• Turn the control knob to OFF position.
• Turn all burner control knobs to OFF position.
• Disconnect regulator from LP gas tank.
• Let unit stand for 5 minutes.
• Reconnect regulator to the LP gas tank.
• Turn the tank valve on slowly until ¼ to ½ open.
• Open the grill lid.
• Push and turn any control knob to HIGH.
• Turn control knobs to HIGH until all the burners are lit
• You may start to use the grill
5. If all checks or corrections have been made and you
still have questions about operating your gas grill, call
the Grill Information Center at 1-800-913-8999.
Should a “FLASH-BACK” fire occur in/or
around the burner tubes, follow the instructions
below. Failure to comply with these instructions
could result in a fire or explosion that could
cause serious bodily injury, death, or property
• Shut off gas supply to the gas grill.
• Turn the control knobs to OFF position.
• Put out any flame with a proper fire extinguisher.
• Open grill lid.
• Once the grill has cooled down, clean the burner
tubes and burners according to the cleaning
instructions found on page 18.
Manually Lighting Your Grill by Match
1. Insert a match into the lighting stick.
2. Follow steps 1 through 5 of the Basic Lighting
3. Light the match and extend the lighting stick to
cooking grid surface.
4. Turn the desired control knob to the HI
position setting to release gas. The burner light