Nexgrill 720-0718N Gas Grill User Manual

To ensure a proper working unit the following proper
care and maintenance is suggested.
Cleaning Cooking Grids
We suggest you wash your cooking grids in a mild soap
and warm water solution. You can use a wash cloth or
soft brush to clean your cooking grids.
Cleaning Heat diffusers
Periodically you should wash the heat diffusers in a
soap and warm water solution. Use a soft brush to
remove stubborn burnt-on cooking residue. The heat
diffusers should be dry before you reinstall them.
Cleaning Grease Tray
The grease tray should be emptied and wiped
down periodically and washed in a mild
detergent and warm water solution. A small
amount of sand or cat litter may be placed in
bottom of grease tray to absorb the grease.
Check the grease tray frequently, don’t allow
excess grease to accumulate and overflow out of the
grease tray.
Annual Cleaning of Grill Interior
Burning-off the grill after every use will keep it ready for
your next use. However, once a year you should give
the entire grill a thorough cleaning to keep it in top
operating condition. Follow these steps.
1. Turn all burner valves to full OFF position.
2. Turn LP gas tank valve to full OFF position.
3. Detach LP gas hose and regulator assembly from
your gas grill. Inspect for any damage and replace as
necessary with manufacturer replacement part number
found on parts list.
4. Remove and clean heat diffusers, cooking grids and
grill burners.
5. Cover each gas valve orifice with aluminum foil.
6. Brush inside and bottom of grill with a nylon brush,
and wash with a mild soap and warm water solution.
Rinse thoroughly and let dry.
7. Remove the aluminum foil, then reinstall heat
diffusers, and cooking grids.
8. Reconnect gas source and observe burner flame for
correct operation.
Cleaning Exterior Surface
We suggest you wash your grill using a mild soap and
warm water solution. You can use a wash cloth or
sponge for this process. Do not use abrasives or a
brush that might remove finish during the cleaning
Cleaning Exterior Stainless Steel Surfaces
Weathering and extreme heat can cause exterior
stainless steel surfaces to turn tan in color. Machine
oils used in manufacturing process of stainless steel
can also cause this tanning color. Use a stainless
steel cleaner to polish stainless steel surfaces of
your grill. Never use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers
because they will scratch and damage your grill.
Cleaning Burner Tubes and Burner Ports
To reduce the chance of “FLASH-BACK” the procedure
below should be followed at least once a month in late
summer or early fall when spiders are most active or
when your grill has not been used for a period of time.
1. Turn all burner valves and gas tank valve to off
2. Detach the LP gas regulator assembly from your gas
3. Remove cooking grids, heat diffusers, and grease
tray from the grill.
4. Remove the screws from the underside of each
burner and lift the burners up and away from the gas
valve orifice.
5. Using a bent stiff wire in the shape of a hook , air
hose or a bottle brush, run it through the burner tube
and inside several times to remove any debris.
6. Replace burners, see illustration below.
Step 1. Locate the burner onto the orifice.
Step 2. Secure the main burner on the back wall of fire
box with 2 screws.
The location of the burner tube with respect to the
orifice is vital for safe operation. Check to ensure the
orifice is inside the burner tube before using the gas
grill. If the burner tube does not fit over the valve
orifice, lighting the burner may cause explosion
and/or fire.
Cleaning and Maintenance