Nexgrill 720-0718N Gas Grill User Manual

Do not leave the grill unattended.
Your grill will get very hot. Never lean over
the cooking area while using your grill. Do not
touch cooking surfaces, grill housing. Grill Lid
or any other grill parts while the grill is in
operation, or until the grill has cooled down
after use. Failure to comply with these
instructions may result in serious bodily injury.
Before cooking on your gas grill for the first time,
you will want to “burn off” the grill to eliminate any
odor or foreign matter. Just ignite the
burners,lower the Lid, and operate grill on the
HIGH setting for 3 to 5 minutes.
Cooking Temperatures
High setting: Only use this setting for fast
warm-up,searing steaks or chops and for burning
food residue off the grill after cooking is complete.
Never use the HIGH setting for extended cooking.
Medium to Low Settings: Most recipes specify
medium to low settings, including all smoking,
rotisserie cooking and for cooking lean cuts such
as fish.
NOTE: Temperature settings will vary with the
temperature and the amount of wind outside your
Direct Cooking
The direct cooking method can be used with the
supplied cooking grids and food placed directly
over the lit grill Burners. The method is ideal for
searing and whenever you want meat, poultry or
fish to have and open-flame barbecued taste.
Deep frying and smoking are also best cooked in
this manner because they require direct heat.
Indirect Cooking
To cook indirectly, the food should be placed on
the left or right side of your grill with the burner lit
on the opposite side.
The fats and juices dripping from grilled food can
cause flare-ups. Since flare-ups impart a
favorably,distinctive taste and color to food cooked
cover an open flame, they should be accepted up
to a point. Nevertheless, uncontrolled flaring can
result in a ruined meal.
Do not line the bottom of the grill housing with
aluminum foil, sand or any substance that will
restrict the flow of grease into the grease tray.
Failure to comply with these instructions could
result in a fire or explosion which could cause
serious bodily injury, death, or property
Cooking Instructions For Gas Grill
1. Open grill lid, as well as damper vents on side of grill.
2. Raise the hinged section of Charcoal Grid to add
charcoal to the Charcoal Tray.
3. Turn crank to adjust charcoal tray to middle height
4. Pour 5 pounds of regular charcoal briquets into
charcoal tray and arrange into a pile. Make sure charcoal
does not go above the Charcoal Grid.
5. Light charcoal briquets.
6. Turn crank to lower charcoal tray to bottom position.
Wait for charcoal flames to subside.
7. Once briquets are glowing, turn crank to adjust
charcoal tray to desired cooking position.
For maximum heat, open the damper vents on the side of
the firebox by pulling damper control out all the way. To
reduce the heat, push in the damper control as desired.
NOTE: The temperature should not exceed 500°F, If
temperature becomes too hot, reduce the quantity of
briquets in the tray. The temperature can be checked
using the temperature gauge on the grill lid.
Charcoal Lighting Instructions