Nexgrill 720-0718N Gas Grill User Manual

If the grill does not function properly, use the following check list before calling for service.
You should inspect the burners at least once a year or immediately after any of the following
conditions occur:
Regardless of which burner cleaning procedure you
use, we recommend you also complete the following
steps to help prolong burner life.
1. Use a fiber pad or nylon brush to clean the entire
outer surface of each burner until free of food residue
and dirt.
2. Clean any clogged ports with a stiff wire, such as
an open paper clip.
Spiders and insects can nest inside the burners of
the grill and disrupt gas flow. This very dangerous
condition could cause a fire behind the valve panel,
thereby damaging the grill and making it unsafe
for operation. Inspect the grill at least twice a year.
3. Inspect each burner for damage (cracks or holes)
and if such damage is found, order and install a new
burner. After installation check to ensure that gas
valve orifices are correctly placed inside the ends of
the burner tubes.
Check to see if LP tank is empty.
Clean wires and/or electrode by rubbing
with alcohol and clean swab.
Wipe with dry cloth.
Make sure the wire is connected to
electrode assembly.
Do other burners on the unit operate?
Check to see if other burners operate. If
so, check the gas orifice on the
malfunctioning burner for an obstruction.
Burner flame is yellow or orange, in
combination with the odor of gas.
Refer to Clean Burner Tubes and Burner
Ports on page 18. If problem still exists,
please call 1-800-913-8999.
Low heat with knob in “HI” position. Is the fuel hose bent or kinked?
Is the grill in a dusty area?
Is there adequate gas supply available?
If it is only one burner that appears low,
does the orifice or burner need cleaning?
Is the gas supply or gas pressure low?
Grill won’t light when the control knob is