Nexgrill 720-0718N Gas Grill User Manual

Safety Precautions-----------------------------------2
Packaging Content List------------------------------5
Hardware Pack----------------------------------------7
Assembly Instructions-------------------------------7
Lighting Instructions--------------------------------16
Cleaning and Maintenance-----------------------18
Charcoal Grill Information-------------------------20
Charcoal Grill Lighting Instructions--------------21
Cooking Chart----------------------------------------22
Parts Diagram -------------------------------------- 23
Parts List----------------------------------------------24
One-Year Full Warranty on Nexgrill Grill
If this grill fails due to a defecting material or
workmanship within one year from the date of
purchase, call 1-800-913-8999 to arrange for free
repair (or replacement if repair proves
Three-Year Limited Warranty on Stainless
Steel Burners
For Three years from the date of purchase, any
stainless steel burner that rusts through will be
replaced free of charge. After the first year from
the date of purchase, you pay for labor if you
wish to have it installed.
All warranty coverage excludes ignitor batteries
and grill part paint loss, discoloration or rusting,
which are either expendable parts that can wear
out from normal use within the warranty period,
or are conditions that can be the result or normal
use, accident or improper maintenance.
All warranty coverage is void if this grill is ever
used for commercial or rental purposes.
All warranty coverage applies only if this grill is
used in the United States.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and
you may have other right which vary from state to
Nexgrill Industries, INC.
5270 Edison Ave. Chino, CA 91710
Failure to comply with these instructions could
result in a fire or explosion that could cause
serious bodily injury, death, or property damage.
Your grill will get very hot. Never lean over the
cooking area while using your grill. Do not touch
cooking surfaces, grill housing, lid or any other
grill parts while the grill is in operation, or until
the gas grill has cooled down after use.
Failure to comply with these instructions may
result in serious bodily injury.
1. Do not store or use gasoline or
other flammable liquids or
vapors in the vicinity of this or
any other appliance.
2. An LP cylinder not connected for
use shall not be stored in the
vicinity of this or any other
If you smell gas:
1. Shut off gas to the appliance.
2. Extinguish any open flame.
3. Open lid.
4. If odor continues, keep away
from the appliance and
immediately call your gas
supplier or your fire department.
Grill Installation Codes
The installation must conform with local codes or,
in the absence of local codes, with either the
national fuel gas code, ANSI Z 223.1/NFPA S4,
Natural gas and propane installation code, CSA
B149.1, or propane storage and handling code,
B149.2, or the standard for Recreational vehicles,
ANSI A 119.2, and CSA Z240 RV series
recreational vehicle code, as applicable.
LP gas grill models are designed for use with a
standard 20 lb. Liquid Propane Gas tank, not
included with grill. Never connect your gas grill to
an LP gas tank that exceeds this capacity.
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