Jackson 700 Series Gas Grill User Manual

Main Gas Line Connections for Propane Gas and Natural Gas.
The main Fuel supply gas line is connected to a Manifold Tee securely mounted inside the pedestal located
on the left hand side of the pedestal.
Remove the Propane hose and regulator assembly from the packaging. Please ensure that there is no debris
inside the brass flare connection or inside the rubber hose. Using a ¾” wrench and an adjustable wrench
tighten the Hose to the connection provided inside the pedestal.
If this unit is to be connected to Natural Gas, place the Natural Gas hose through the hole provided in the
lower left hand rear corner of the pedestal. This hole should have a rubber grommet around the hole to
protect the Hose from getting damaged. See diagram below.
Once the Main Gas line has been connected, connect the fuel line to the Gas supply being used. Turn the gas
on SLOWLY, if the gas is turned on too quickly the Regulator could lock up and not work correctly. By turning
the main gas supply on slowly this will prevent this problem form happening.
When the gas supply has been turn on, perform a Leak Check on ALL connections inside the pedestal using
a Soapy water solution as described on Page 7 of this manual.
Place the Propane Hose
and regulator on the
Manifold located inside
the pedestal.
For Natural Gas hose
installations, place the
hose through the hole in
the back of the pedestal
and connect in the same
location as the Propane
Hose location.