Kenmore 148.1665601 Gas Grill User Manual

6. Turn the coupling nut clockwise and tighten to a full stop.
The regulator will seal on the back-check feature in the LP
tank valve, resulting in some resistance. An additional
one-half to three-quarters turn is required to complete
the connection. Tighten by hand only – do not use tools.
If you cannot complete the connection, disconnect regulator
and repeat steps 5 and 6. If you are still unable to complete the
connection, do not use this regulator! Call 1-800-482-0131
for assistance.
Leak Testing Valves, Hose and Regulator
1. Turn all grill control knobs to OFF.
2. Be sure regulator is tightly connected to LP tank.
3. Completely open LP tank valve by turning OPD hand wheel
counterclockwise. If you hear a rushing sound, turn gas off
immediately. There is a major leak at the connection.
Correct before proceeding by calling Sears for
replacement parts at 1-800-4-MY-HOME
4. Brush soapy solution onto areas where bubbles are shown
in picture below:
5. If “growing” bubbles appear, there is a leak. Close LP tank
valve immediately and retighten connections. If leaks
cannot be stopped do not try to repair. Call Sears for
replacement parts at 1-800-4-MY-HOME
6. Always close LP tank valve after performing leak test by
turning hand wheel clockwise.
Hold coupling nut and regulator
as shown for proper connection
to LP tank valve.
• Outdoor gas appliance is not intended to be installed
in or on a boat.
• Outdoor gas appliance is not intended to be installed
in or on an RV.
• Never attempt to attach this grill to the self-contained
LP gas system of a camper trailer or motor home.
• Do not use grill until leak-tested.
• If a leak is detected at any time, STOP and call the
fire department.
• If you cannot stop a gas leak, immediately close
LPcylinder valve and call LP gas supplier or your fire
• Do not insert any tool or foreign object into the valve
outlet or safety relief valve. You may damage the valve
and cause a leak. Leaking propane may result in
explosion, fire, severe personal injury, or death.
Never remove threaded
orifice at end of valve.