Kenmore 148.1665601 Gas Grill User Manual

Problem Possible Cause Corrective Action
Low heat with the
knob in “HI”
1. Low heat is found in natural
gas models.
2. Ports are blocked.
3. LP tank has run out.
1. This model is set for 7 in. natural
gas usage. Please check your
natural gas supply system to
have correct gas pressure.
Regulator is not needed for NG
Check the orifice if you installed
NG nozzles.
2. Clear ports of any obstructions.
3. Refill the LP tank.
Low heat, natural
Gas pressure is significantly
affected by gas line and
length of gas line from house
gas line.
Check your gas line and make
corrections by following the chart
From House to Grill
Distance Tubing Size
Up to 25 ft. 3/8 in. diameter
26 -50 ft. 1/2 in. diameter
51 -100 ft.
2/3 in. of run 3/4 in.
1/3 in. of run 1/2 in.
Low heat,
LP gas
The propane regulator
assembly incorporates an
excess flow device designed
to supply the grill with
sufficient gas flow. Rapid
changes in pressure can
trigger the excess flow device,
providing a low flame
and low temperature.
Please follow these instructions:
1. Make sure all burners are “OFF”.
2. Open the tank valve and wait 5
3. Light the burner one at a time
following the lighting instructions
listed on the door liner
Sudden drop in
gas flow or low
1. Out of gas.
2. Excess flow valve tripped.
3. Vapor lock at coupling
nut/LP cylinder connection.
1. Check for gas in LP cylinder.
2. Turn off knobs, wait 30 seconds
and light grill. If flames are still
low, turn off knobs and LP
cylinder valve. Disconnect
regulator. Reconnect regulator
and leak test. Turn on LP cylinder
valve, wait 30 seconds and then
light grill.
3. Turn off knobs and LP cylinder
valve. Disconnect coupling nut
from cylinder. Reconnect and