Kenmore 148.1665601 Gas Grill User Manual

5/32-32 x 1/2Screw
Qty. 2
Door Magnet
Bottom Panel
1/4-20 x 5/8Screw
Qty. 16
Locking Caster
Bottom Panel
After removing all parts from the top of the shipping box, and when the only part showing is the grill head, use a
knife to slice down the sides of the box. Be careful of staples along shipping box edges.
Remove styrofoam packing to gain access to the grill head.
Open grill lids and remove all packaged parts and packing material.
WARNING: Assemble and place the grill on a flat level surface. Compare the parts and hardware with the
list and diagrams. Do not attempt assembly if any part is missing or damaged.
Attach the casters to the bottom panel with 4 screws each as shown. Attach the two locking casters
at the back of the grill. After attaching all casters, turn the bottom panel over.
Attach the door magnet to the holes in the front of the bottom panel with 2 screws. Do not fully tighten
at this time.