Kenmore 148.1665601 Gas Grill User Manual

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Natural gas conversion kit
Kenmore Model # 10478
(Manufacturer Part No.: L3018S-KIT or S3218A-KIT)
Your grill can be converted to natural gas with this
conversion kit by a qualified gas technician only. In order
to convert this grill, the technician will need this
conversion kit.
The L3018S-KIT is designed specifically for this grill and
contains all components required for the conversion.
The 10478 kit contains orifices for various grill models.
Please select the orifices as listed below and discard the
rest. Follow the conversion instruction provided with the
12 ft. extension hose with 3/8 in. ID (inner diameter)
If converting the grill to natural gas, the technician in most
cases will need this 12' extension hose with 3/8" ID (inner
diameter), which is included in the natural gas conversion
For Natural Gas Connection
1. Turn off gas supply, and then remove cap on gas
supply side.
2. Recommended: Install a shut-off valve on gas supply
side before installing the socket.
3. Socket should be installed by an authorized
technician in accordance with the national fuel gas
code (NFPA 54/ANSI223.1).
4. Before inserting plug, turn on gas supply and leak
test all connections including the stem of the shut-off
valve and the opening of the socket. For best results,
use an ammonia-free soap & water solution.
Operating Instructions:
1. To connect, push back socket sleeve.
2. Insert plug and release sleeve.
3. Push plug until sleeve snaps forward. (Gas will flow
automatically. Failure to connect plug properly to socket
will inhibit gas flow to the appliance.)
To disconnect
1. Pull Sleeve back. Pull plug out of socket. (Gas is
automatically shut off.)
2. Close shut-off valve and replace dust caps on socket
and plug.
Model Main burner
Sear burner
Side burner
148.16656011 3 1 1
Natural Gas Conversion Box