Kenmore 148.1665601 Gas Grill User Manual

Gas Requirements
LP Gas
If your grill is for LP Gas, the regulator supplied is set for
an 11-in. water column (WC) and is for use with LP gas
only. The factory-supplied regulator and hose must be
used with a 20-lb. LP gas tank.
Natural Gas
If your grill is for Natural Gas, it is set for a 7-in. water
column (WC) and is for use with Natural Gas only. Gas
pressure is affected by gas line size and the length of gas
line run from house gas line. Follow the recommendations
in the chart below.
From House to Grill
Distance Tubing Size
Up to 25 ft. 3/8 in. diameter
26-50 ft. 1/2 in. diameter
51-100 ft.
2/3 of the run: 3/4 in. diameter
1/3 of the run :1/2 in. diameter
Over 101 ft. 3/4 in. diameter
Excess Flow Control and Low Heat
The propane regulator assembly incorporates an excess
flow device designed to supply the grill with sufficient gas
flow under normal conditions yet control excess gas flow.
Rapid changes in pressure can trigger the excess flow
device providing a low flame and low temperature. If the
tank valve is turned open to allow gas flow while a burner
valve is open, the surge of pressure will cause the device
to activate. The device will remain closed until the
pressure is equalized. This should occur within 5
To ensure this does not cause difficulty in lighting the grill,
follow these instructions:
1. Make sure all burner valves are “OFF”.
2. Open the tank valve and wait 5 seconds.
3. Light the burners one at a time following the lighting
Helpful Care and Maintenance Hints
Before grilling, pre-heat grill for 15 minutes on "HI" with
hood down. To avoid uncontrolled flare-ups or grease fires,
grill meats with hood open. Close hood if meats are thick
or weather is cold, or if you are using a rotisserie or
indirect cooking.
Always protect your hand with a pot holder or cooking
glove when coming into contact with a hot surface.
Hood up when grilling meats, especially chicken. Hood
down when indirect or rotisserie cooking.
NEVER leave your grill unattended while cooking.
After use, close hood, turn burners to HI for 15 min. for
self-cleaning, grease burn off.
Care and Maintenance Time Table Chart
Grill Item
Frequency Based
on Normal Use
Cleaning Method
Painted surface Twice yearly Car wax
Stainless surface
Twice yearly Stainless cleaner
All grates After each use Burn off and wipe
Stainless grates 15 days
Wire brush/
Dishwasher safe
Porcelain grates 15 days
Scrub pad soapy water
/Dishwasher safe
Burner heat tents
30 days Wire brush
Burners 90 days Wire brush
Burner box
120 days
Interior grill cleaning
products (available at