Kenmore 148.1665601 Gas Grill User Manual

Side Burner Shelf
Loosen and remove the two screws holding side burner in place. Align the 2 bezel screw holes to
those in side burner control panel. Insert the valve control stem through control panel and bezel main
holes. Attach bezel to control panel and valve control stem with 2 screws as shown. Press Knob onto
side burner valve control stem.
Side Burner Valve and Ignition Wire
Insert side burner valve into side burner tube as shown. Reattach side burner to shelf with 2
previously removed screws. Connect the side burner ignition wire to the ignition pin.
M4 x 8 Screw
Qty. 2
Ignition Pin
Ignition Wire
Side Burner
Side Burner
Connect Here
Side Burner Valve Control Stem
Side Burner
CAUTION: Make sure that valve is inside tube.