Kenmore 148.1665601 Gas Grill User Manual

Problem Possible Cause Corrective Action
Grill or side burner
will not light
1. The ignition wire came off
the electrical igniter.
2. The distance between the
ignition pin and the burner
is greater than 0.1-0.2
inch(side burner).
3. The ignition wire is broken.
4. The battery has died.
5. The battery is in the wrong
6. The electrode tip does not
produce sparks at the
burner port.
7. No gas supplied.
8. Air shutter opening is too
1. Reconnect the ignition wire to the
electrical igniter.
2. Loosen the ignition pin and adjust the
distance, then fasten it again.
3. Call customer service for a
replacement ignition wire.
4. Install a new AA battery.
5. Change the battery polarity.
6. Reinstall the electrode.
7. Turn on the regulator valve.
8. Loosen the air shutter and adjust the
opening to a smaller size.
Burner flame is
yellow and gas
odor can be
1. The air shutter opening is
not properly set.
2. Spiders or insects block the
air shutter.
3. Gas leaks
1. Loosen the air shutter and adjust the
opening to have blue flames.
1/4 in. opening for LPG.
1/8 in. or less opening for NG.
2. Clean blockages.
3. Check for the source of gas leaks.
Excessive flare-up
1. Grilling fatty meats while
knobs on “HIGH”.
2. Spray water on gas flames.
3. Hood closed when grilling.
1. Grill fatty meats when the grids are
cold while the knobs are on the “LOW”
setting. Move the meats to the
warming rack if flare up continues
until flame settles down.
2. Never spray water on gas flames.
3. Hood up when grilling.
Burner blows out
1. LP tank is empty.
2. Burner is not aligned with
the control valve.
3. Gas supply is not sufficient.
1. Refill the LP Tank.
2. Install the burner correctly.
3. Check the gas supply hose and make
sure there are no leaks and no knots.