Broil King 957887 NG Gas Grill User Manual

First Time Use: Before cooking on your gas grill for the first
time, burn it off to rid it of any odors or foreign matter in the
following manner:
1. With cooking grids installed in position, light the gas grill
following lighting instructions (see Page 6) and operate
the gas grill on “HIGH” for 10-15 minutes. Next, turn gas
source off then turn all control knobs to the “OFF” position.
2. When gas grill is cool, thoroughly season cooking grids by
spraying or wiping olive or vegetable oil on them. Ensure
that the entire surface is generously coated including
the corners. For cast iron cooking grids, light seasoning
should be done before every usage.
3. You are ready to grill. Proceed to “Preheating.”
Preheating: Preheat the gas grill on MEDIUM/HIGH with the
lid closed for ten minutes. Reduce heat as appropriate for what
you are grilling. Firmly but carefully scrub grids with a wire grill
brush. Next, brush or spray the grids with vegetable or olive oil
to prevent food from sticking.
Lid Position: The position of the lid during cooking is a matter
of personal preference, but the gas grill cooks faster, uses less
fuel, and controls the temperature best with the lid closed. A
closed lid also imparts a smokier flavor to meat cooked directly
on the grid, and is essential for smoking and convection
Vaporization Systems: Your gas grill is designed for use with
the included Flav-R-Wave™ vaporization system. Do not use
lava rock, ceramic briquettes or any other vaporization system
other than the one that came with the gas grill.
High Setting: Produces temperatures at the cooking grid of
approximately 600 - 650°F (320 - 340° C). Use this setting only
for fast warm-up or for burning food residue from the cooking
grids after cooking. This setting is also ideal for quickly searing
steaks before reducing the temperature. Rarely, if ever, do you
use the HIGH setting for extended cooking.
Medium/High: Produces temperatures at the cooking grid of
approximately 550°F (290 ° C). Use this setting for warm-up
and for grilling steaks and chops.
Medium: Produces temperatures inside the gas grill of
approximately 450° F (230°C) with the lid down. Use this
setting for most grilling of chicken, burgers and vegetables as
well as for roasting and baking.
Low: Produces temperatures inside the gas grill of
approximately 310- 350° F (155-175° C). Use this setting for
all smoke cooking, large cuts of meat, delicate fish and for
dough and pastry such as quesadillas.
These temperatures are approximate only and vary with
the outside temperature and the amount of wind.
The direct grilling method involves cooking the food on grids
directly over a lit burner. Direct grilling is the most popular
method for most single serving items such as steaks, chops,
fish, burgers, kebabs and vegetables.
1. Prepare food in advance to avoid delay and timing
problems. If using marinade or spices, they should be
applied before placing meat on the cooking grid. If basting
with sauces, they should be applied in the last 2-4 minutes
of grilling to avoid burning.
2. Organize the area around the gas grill to include forks,
tongs, oven mitts, sauces and seasonings to allow you to
stay in the vicinity of the gas grill while cooking.
3. Bring meat to room temperature just prior to grilling. Trim
excess fat from meat to minimize the “flare-ups” that are
caused by dripping grease.
4. Pre-heat the gas grill to the desired temperature with the
lid closed.
5. Coat the grids with vegetable or olive oil to prevent food
from sticking to the grids.
6. Hold the salt when cooking meats on the gas grill. The
meat will stay juicier if the salt is added after cooking.
7. To prevent steaks from “drying out,” use tongs rather than
a fork and start on “MEDIUM/HIGH” to sear the meat and
seal juices in. Reduce the heat and extend cooking times
when grilling thicker cuts of meat.
8. Learn to test when the meat is done by time and feel. Meat
firms up as it cooks. When the meat is soft it is rare. When
it is firm, it is well done.
9. Follow the perfect steak grilling guide for most meat, fish,
poultry and vegetables.
Place steak on angle
on hot grids.
Flip the steak as
shown below.
Turn and flip the
steak again.
Finally, flip the
steak again.
1½” 1” ¾” A B C D MINUTES
Rare Medium/High 6
Medium/High 7
Medium Medium/High 2222 8
Medium Well Medium/High 9
Medium Well Medium 10
Well Medium 3333 12