Broil King 957884 LP Gas Grill User Manual

1. All OMC models are designed to be used with an LP
gas cylinder equipped with the QCC®-1 Quick Closing
Coupling system.
2. The QCC®-1 system incorporates safety features required
by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and
the Canadian Standards Steering Committee.
Gas will not flow until a positive connection has been made.
A thermal element will shut off the flow of gas between 240°
and 300° F.
When activated, a Flow Limiting Device will limit the flow of
gas to 10 cubic feet / hour.
3. The LP Gas Cylinder is not included with the Gas Grill.
Be sure to purchase one with the QCC® valve. This valve
is recognized by the external threads on the inlet port of
the valve. QCC® equipped cylinders are available from
your Gas Grill Dealer.
NOTE: Any attempt to connect the regulator, by use of
adapters or any other means, to any other valve could
result in damage, re or injury and may negate the
important safety features in the QCC®-1 system.
1. All LP gas cylinders used with this appliance must
be constructed and marked in accordance with the
Specifications for LP Gas Cylinders of the U.S. Department
of Transportation (D.O.T.) or the National Standard of
Canada, CAN/CSA-B339, Cylinders, Spheres and Tubes
for Transportation of Dangerous Goods ; and Commission,
as applicable
2. The LP gas cylinder used for this appliance must not
have a capacity exceeding 20 lb. (9 kg).
Approximately 18” (46cm) high and 12” (31cm)
3. All LP gas cylinders used with this appliance should be
inspected at every filling and re qualified by a licensed
service outlet at the expiry date (10 years), in accordance
with the DOT (USA) and Canadian Transport Commission
(Canada) codes for LP Gas Cylinders.
4. All LP gas cylinders used with this appliance must be
provided with a shutoff valve terminating in a cylinder valve
outlet No. 510, specified in the Standard for Compressed
Gas Cylinder Valve Outlet and Inlet Connection (USA)
ANSI/CGA-V-1-1977 (Canada) CSA B96.
5. The cylinder supply system must be arranged for vapor
6. The cylinder must include a collar to protect the cylinder
7. The cylinder must be installed as per assembly instructions.
8. Never fill the cylinder beyond 80% full. A fire causing death
or serious injury may occur.
9. The cylinder valve must include a safety relief device
having direct communication with the vapor space of the
1. Government regulations prohibit shipping full LP gas
cylinders. You must take your new cylinder to a LP gas
dealer for filling.
2. A filled LP gas cylinder is under very high pressure. Always
handle carefully and transport in the upright position.
Protect the valve from accidental damage.
3. Do not tip the LP gas cylinder while connecting it to the
regulator. Fasten the cylinder securely during transport,
use and storage.
4. If the cylinder is tipped after it is connected to the regulator,
shut off the gas, disconnect the regulator and have it
checked before using it again.
1. Store the LP gas cylinder outdoors in a well-ventilated
2. Do not store the LP gas cylinder in direct sunlight, near a
source of heat or combustion.
3. If you intend to store the grill indoors, disconnect and
remove the LP gas cylinder first. Disconnected cylinders
must have a dust cap installed and must not be stored in
a building, garage or any enclosed area.
4. Keep out of the reach of children.
5. When the LP gas cylinder is connected to the gas grill, the
gas grill and LP gas cylinder must be stored outside in a
well-ventilated place.
1. Never connect your gas grill to an LP gas cylinder
without the regulator provided, and NEVER TO AN
supplied with the barbecue must be used.
2. Always leak test the LP gas cylinder to regulator
connection when connecting the LP gas cylinder to the
appliance. See “Leak Testing.” (page 5)
3. Do not operate appliance if the smell of LP gas is present.
Extinguish all flame and determine source of LP gas
before proceeding. Do not ignite the appliance until the
LP gas leak has been found and sealed.
4. Always shut off LP gas cylinder valve when the appliance
is not in use.
Nipple with Flow
Limiting Device
Heat Sensitive
Hand Wheel
Shut-Off Valve
Check Valve