Broil King 957884 LP Gas Grill User Manual

The following components should be inspected and cleaned
(as necessary) before every usage of your gas grill to ensure
optimal performance, safety and efficiency.
Brush grids with a long-handled stainless steel grill brush to
remove loose debris. Next, perform a Burn-Off (see below).
After the Burn-Off and while grill is still hot, brush the grids
again to remove any remaining debris. As the grill is hot, use
caution and oven mitts while handling the brush.
All OMC cast iron cooking grids are coated with a durable
porcelain enamel finish to protect the grids and reduce the
tendency of food sticking to grids. With all OMC cast iron
cooking grids instead of burning off your grill after each usage,
we recommend leaving food residue on grids and performing
a Burn-Off (see below) before each use; this helps build up a
protective layer of oil on the grids and will aid in preventing rust
and deterioration.
Cast iron grids should be seasoned before every use by wiping
or spraying them with vegetable or olive oil. Ensure that the
whole surface of the grid is covered by a light layer of oil. This
helps prevent rusting and deterioration. If rusting does occur,
scrape it off gently with a scrub pad and season thoroughly.
During longer periods of inactivity, grids should be seasoned,
wiped dry then stored in a dry place. Before first usage and
after periods of storage, grids should be washed (see “Cooking
Grids” to right), dried with paper towel then wiped down
thoroughly with vegetable shortening or olive/vegetable oil.
If residue accumulates on the Flav-R-Wave, remove the
cooking grids and scrape the residue off the Flav-R-Wave with
a grill brush.
The grease tray is located directly under the drainage hole on
the bottom of the gas grill. It is accessible from the side or rear
of the appliance and should be cleaned or replaced regularly
to avoid grease overflowing onto your patio.
Perform a Burn-Off (see below). When gas grill is cool, remove
grids, scrape the Flav-R-Wave clean then remove it. Clean the
interior of the gas grill as necessary by scraping the sides and
bottom of the cookbox and vacuuming.
Ignite the burners as per “Lighting” (page 6). Operate gas grill
on HIGH with lid closed for 10 min. or until smoking stops. Turn
the gas source off then turn control knobs to OFF.
The following components should be inspected and cleaned at
least once a year or after any period of storage over 30 days to
ensure optimal performance, safety and efficiency.
Remove burner and inspect for cracks and deterioration. Clean
venturi tubes using a pipe cleaner or venturi brush to eliminate
any blockages. See “Venturi Tubes.” (page 5) While the burner
is removed, clean the interior of cookbox by scraping the sides
and bottom of the cookbox and vacuuming.
Inspect and replace if necessary. For propane see “Hose and
Regulator.” (page 4)
If white oxidation spots appear, wash the outside of the cookbox
with a mild soap and water solution. Rinse the surfaces
thoroughly then wipe them with a cloth dipped in cooking oil
to restore the luster. For repair of paint scratches and scuffs,
use a good quality HIGH temperature (600°F) spray paint
for touch-up. Rusting is a natural oxidation process and may
appear on cast-iron and steel parts. Rust will not affect short
term performance of your grill.
Wash with soap and water. Use stainless steel cleaner to
polish and remove stains or marks. Weathering and extreme
heat can cause a stainless steel lid to turn a tan color. This
is discoloration and is not considered a manufacturing defect.
Wash with soap and water.
If a problem is found with the regulator, hose, burner, or control
valves, do not attempt repair. See your dealer, approved
service center, or contact the factory for repairs or replacement
parts. To ensure optimum performance, use only original OMC
replacement parts.
When reconnecting a gas cylinder on propane models, be sure
to check for leaks. See “Leak Testing.” (page 5)
To wash stainless or cast iron grids, use a light detergent
and water and then rinse and dry with paper towel; never air
dry grids or use a dishwasher. For cast iron grids, thoroughly
season (see left: “Cast Iron Cooking Grids”) after washing.