Weber 6670001 Gas Grill User Manual

m WARNING: Turn your Weber
gas grill off and wait for it to
cool before cleaning.
Outside surfaces Use a warm soapy water solution to clean, then rinse with water.
m CAUTION: Do not use oven cleaner, abrasive cleansers
(kitchen cleansers), cleaners that contain citrus products, or
abrasive cleaning pads on grill or cart surfaces.
Slide-out grease tray — Remove excess grease, wash with warm soapy water, then
m CAUTION: Do not line the slide-out grease tray with
aluminum foil.
bars and cooking grates — Clean with a suitable stainless steel bristle
brush. As needed, remove from grill and wash with warm soapy water, then rinse with
m CAUTION: Grill brushes should be checked for loose
bristles and excessive wear on a regular basis. Replace
brush if any loose bristles are found on cooking grates or
brush. Weber recommends purchasing a new stainless steel
grill brush at the beginning of every spring.
m CAUTION: Do not clean your Flavorizer
bars or cooking
grates in a self-cleaning oven.
For availability of replacement cooking grates and Flavorizer
bars, contact the
Customer Service Representative in your area using the contact information on
our website. Log onto
Catch pan Check the catch pan for grease build-up each time you use your grill.
Remove excess grease with a plastic scraper. Wash the catch pan with warm, soapy
water and rinse with water. Disposable Weber
drip pans are available that fit the
Thermometer Wipe with warm soapy water; clean with plastic scrub ball.
Cookbox — Brush any debris off of burner tubes. DO NOT ENLARGE BURNER PORTS
(OPENINGS). Wash inside of cookbox with warm soapy water and a water rinse.
Inside lid While lid is warm, wipe inside with paper towel to prevent grease build-up.
Flaking built-up grease resembles paint flakes.
Stainless steel surfaces Wash with a soft cloth and a soap and water solution. Be
careful to scrub with the grain direction of the stainless steel.
Do not use cleaners that contain acid, mineral spirits, or xylene. Rinse well after
Preserve your stainless steel — Your grill or its cabinet, lid, and control panel may be
made from stainless steel. Keeping the stainless steel looking its best is a simple matter.
Clean it with soap and water, rinse with clear water, and wipe dry. For stubborn particles,
a non-metallic brush can be used.
m IMPORTANT: Do not use a wire brush or abrasive cleaners
on the stainless steel surfaces of your grill as this will cause
m IMPORTANT: When cleaning surfaces be sure to rub/wipe
in the direction of the grain to preserve the look of your
stainless steel.
Your Weber
gas grill, as well as any outdoor gas appliance, is a target for spiders and
other insects. They can nest in the venturi section (1) of the burner tubes. This blocks
the normal gas flow, and can cause the gas to flow back out of the combustion air
opening. This could result in a fire in and around the combustion air openings, under the
control panel, causing serious damage to your grill.
The burner tube combustion air opening is fitted with a stainless steel screen (2) to
prevent spiders and other insects access to the burner tubes through the combustion air
We recommend that you inspect the spider/insect screens at least once a year.
(Refer to “ANNUAL MAINTENANCE.”) Also inspect and clean the the spider/insect
screens if any of the following symptoms should ever occur:
A) Gas is smelled in conjunction with burner flames that appear yellow and lazy.
B) Grill does not reach temperature.
C) Grill heats unevenly.
D) One or more of the burners do not ignite.
Failure to correct the above mentioned symptoms may result
in a fire, which can cause serious bodily injury or death, and
cause damage to property.