GE ZGG300NCPSS Gas Grill User Manual

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Specification Created 10/08
ZGG300NCPSS - Natural Gas Free-standing Outdoor Grill
ZGG300LCPSS - LP Gas Free-standing Outdoor Grill
Dimensions and Installation Information (in inches)
30" Outdoor Grills
These grills are one-piece welded construction and
• Use the grill in a location that is level and stable.
The minimum clearances to combustibles must be
observed at all times:
• Allow at least 12" minimum clearance at the
back of the grill when the exhaust is directed to a
window or surface that is difficult to clean. Allow
at least 4" clearance to non-combustible surfaces
behind the grill to allow the hood lid to open.
• Allow 12" minimum clearance on both sides
and the back of the grill to adjacent vertical
combustible construction.
• These gas grills cannot be used below any type of
overhead construction.
• These grills are designed for outdoor use only. Do
not locate the cooktop in a building, garage or
other enclosed or semi-enclosed area.
• Locate the backside of the grill away from
prevailing winds and avoid cooking in windy
12" Min. to Combustibles
4" Min. Clearance for Lid
to Non-Combustibles
15-1/2" (both sides)