Coleman 9993 Gas Grill User Manual

Gas Barbecue
Use, Care & Assembly Manual
With Grill Lighting Instructions
Model 9993 Series (LP Gas)
Leave these instructions with the consumer.
Read all instructions and keep in a safe place for future reference.
For Outdoor Use Only
Read this manual carefully before assembling,
using or servicing this grill. Keep this manual for
future reference. If you have questions about
assembly, operation, servicing or repair of this
grill, please call Coleman at 1-800-356-3612 or
TDD: 316-832-8707. In Canada call
1 800 387-6161.
Propane tank is not included.
ANSI Z21.58a-2006 • CSA 1.6a-2006
Outdoor Cooking Gas Appliances
Special unpacking
instructions begin
on page 7.